If you are a strong problem-solver that is often asked for help with fixing mechanical issues, a career in plumbing may be the perfect fit for you. Plumbers do much more than fixing sinks and toilets in residential homes. They design, install, maintain, and fix systems for sewage, drainage and potable water for individuals and companies. A career in plumbing gives workers in the industry useful, lifelong skills and the opportunity to build, install and repair necessary equipment to contribute to the health of their community.


Plumbers have active schedules and are able to get out of the office and travel around their neighborhood, visiting both residences and businesses with every day bringing new challenges. As construction of new commercial and residential buildings continues to increase, the demand for quality, experienced plumbers will continue to rise, providing workers in the industry with desired job security and growth.


No matter how often our society changes and technologies evolve, we will always need local plumbers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, plumbing is a rapid-growing trade, with Florida having the fourth-highest employment rate for plumbers in the country. With new homes, commercial and industrial developments being built at record rates, it is imperative for the construction industry to find hard-working, skilled workers to fulfill the demands of Northeast Florida’s growth.


NEFBA offers a quality apprenticeship program for the construction workforce to meet the needs of our community’s industry employers and enhance the quality of life in Northeast Florida. For over 48 years, our team has been accredited to offer professional training in a number of trades in the construction industry, including plumbing. Our program makes it easy for aspiring plumbers to learn alongside industry professionals while performing actual on-site work that contractors and clients will expect from their employees. This gives our apprentices the benefit of being able to enter the workforce immediately while continuing their education simultaneously.


Along with receiving quality on-the-job training, apprentices will also have classroom instruction 2 nights a week from professionally licensed and certified experts in the industry with zero tuition costs. The only out-of-pocket expenses for the apprenticeship are for books, required polo shirt for classes, and testing fees all ranging from $150-$175 each year. Throughout the entire 4-year program, students will have the opportunity to make money through on-the-job training, receive career counseling, and be assisted with free job placement.



For over 48 years, the Northeast Florida Builders Association has been accredited to offer professional training in HVAC and other trades. If you’re interested in learning more about an apprenticeship opportunity, please email or call us at (904) 421-0296.