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Apprentices Time Cards

Time cards are due at on the 1st of each month. Submit time cards via:

  • take a picture and email to
  • drop off in the Computer Lab at Keiser with Computer Lab Proctor
  • fax (904) 721-3372
  • in-person to the Apprenticeship office by appointment only at 6747 Southpoint Parkway Jacksonville, FL 32216

Time Card Outline by Trade

NCCER Curriculum Outlines

NCCER Testing

NCCER Hands-On Training Lab

NEFBA Apprenticeship has two hands-on training labs and one small classroom located at our former location of
103 Century 21 Blvd. in Jacksonville, Florida 32216.

NCCER Curriculum Resources

Carpentry NCCER Curriculum Resources

Electrical NCCER Curriculum Resources

HVAC NCCER Curriculum Resources

Plumbing NCCER Curriculum Resources

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