Prospective Employers

Become a Participating Employer

As a NEFBA Apprenticeship program employer, you can motivate and develop your workforce by investing in the right employees. Across Northeast Florida there are new homes, commercial buildings and industrial developments being built at record rates. Now more than ever, the construction industry needs skilled workers to meet the high demands of Florida’s growth.

For nearly 50 years, the Northeast Florida Builders Association has been accredited to offer professional training in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and now Sheet Metal, as well. We work with over 150 employers and welcome you to join the group.

Cost Effective Solution

Apprentices provide a cost effective solution to filling the skills or resources gap in your business.

Improve Productivity

Improve productivity by motivating your team to demonstrate best practices.

Skills Training

Enables you to develop the training skills of your current staff.

Boost Morale

Boost morale with the energy that an enthusiastic young person can inject into your workplace.

Increase Loyalty

Create a loyal workforce because apprentices appreciate your investment in them.

How to Get Started:

Once Registered:

Once registered, we add Employers to our job referral service for interested apprentice applicants and registered apprentices. New Employers with NEFBA Apprenticeship are also eligible for a 30-day grandfathering period in which all current employees of the company can be indentured into the program without having to go through the formal selection process.