Women In Construction Month

In celebration of both NEFBA Apprenticeship’s 50th anniversary this year and Women’s History Month in March, Christina Thomas, Director of Workforce Development for NEFBA Apprenticeship, spoke with apprentices in the program to learn more about “Women in Construction.” Thomas interviewed six current female apprentices to get a real take on what the industry can offer women who may be considering a career in the nontraditional arena of the skilled trades. From the ability to stay constantly on the move while working on new projects, to impacting the community and achieving financial independence, these skilled trades professionals state the benefits of working in the construction industry are abundant for women. As a woman who serves as the director of a trades construction apprenticeship program, it was a refreshing and informative experience to interview the women who are building our city. I am proud to be able to share their views with you and encourage more women to consider us as a career pathway to success.